10 Simple Tips for Content Marketers

Ask anyone, and you will get the same answer: content marketing works. In fact, we can call it the king of any marketing strategy since everything that counts in this area can be reduced to the content itself. Moreover, we all do it at some level, even when we are not involved in marketing per se. We do it when we introduce ourselves during a job interview when we try to look good on a first date and the list can continue forever.

However, this is not the theme for today, at least not entirely. I could go on and on about content marketing and its benefits but this time I have something else in mind. Instead of talking numbers and strategies, I put together a set of 10 simple tips for content marketers, 10 simple pieces of advice we, in this industry, can all relate to. They are all based on my own experience and therefore, on some level, they may appear rather subjective to some of you. However, this should not be an issue since all such pieces of advice are usually like this. Here’s my list:

#1 The topic

Regardless of the industry you write about, there are valuable topics and not-so-valuable topics. Find out what is what before you start to write about something.

#2 Visual content

Visual content counts for more than aesthetics. It allows you to tell your stories better and keep your readers engaged.

#3 Capture the audience’s attention

The people of today have the lowest attention span in human history. Greet your visitors with great visuals and great titles or they will lose their interest.

#4 Set up your own space

Invest in your website or blog. Social media makes a great content marketing channel but you do not own what you post there. It’s like building a house on someone else’s property.

#5 Build on communication

Engage with your readers. Thank them for their good thoughts, act immediately when they criticize you. Be a part of the community if you want it to follow you.

communicate with the audience

#6 Have patience

Having a blog does not make you an influencer. Good and professional advice backed up by valuable information on specific topics may lead you to this path. Nothing happens overnight though.

#7 Tell your stories

Words are meaningless if you don’t use them to tell stories. Valuable information is great if only you manage to deliver it properly dressed.

#8 Manage your time

Instead of complaining that time is not enough, try to find new ways to organize your work better. Nobody has more than 24 hours per day.

#9 Work on readability

Typography counts. Invest time in making your blog readable. Carefully choose your fonts, your colors and your headers. Break up big chunks of text and don’t forget about bullet point lists, headings, and subheadings, etc.

#10 Study the competition

Learn from your competitors. Read their blogs, listen to their podcasts, watch their videos. You will never be allnkowing but you can at least try. And, there’s a lot to learn from every new professional.

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