11 Facebook Ads Ideas to Improve Your Marketing Results

Most digital marketers are investing in Facebook marketing, but are your Facebook ads delivering you desired results?

FACT: 92% of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising.

Facebook ads are one of the commonly used paid tactics that provide significant results based on your optimization. Still, many of you don’t earn expected results from your FB Ads.

Before proceeding, you must know that Facebook offers you different ads that allow you to serve diverse necessities. It’s essential to understand different Facebook Ad types when competing in the digital world with numerous other similar businesses. Selecting the right Facebook ad type is typically necessary for startups new to Facebook paid ads and looking forward to transforming their social power into a profitable business.

Whether you are working with a newbie or working on a new project, it’s crucial to know different ad types that will definitely help in elevating your ROI.

Further, different ads algorithms run on different Facebook ads types. Hence, you must pay keen attention to get high results within the allocated budget. Facebook has already offered you a vast knowledge base to ensure you make the right decision.

So, without any delay, let’s dive into different facebook ads types and understand how you can get fruitful results.

1: Image Ads

Image Ads are the simplest and quickest Facebook Ad type that includes a single image. You can add text (CTA) to your image to convey your message and provide additional information about your ad.

Source: https://mk0hootsuiteblof6bud.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Facebook-ads-28.png.webp

Facebook always suggests a 20% text overlay on your image. However, this rule is no more a significant factor in running your image ads on Facebook. Image Ads are effective for almost every campaign you want to run. Still, there are a few goals that you can easily achieve with the Image Ads.

  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Launching a new product in the market
  • Convey a message among your audience
  • Getting people’s attention to your brand

2: Slideshow Ads

Slideshow Ads are a bit different and complex compared to image ads. In the slideshow, you can add multiple creatives alongside the audio. You can further animate the images to make your slideshow more attractive.

Source: https://storage.googleapis.com/website-production/uploads/2018/11/facebook-slideshow-format.jpg

Interestingly, no third-party (heavy) software is required to create slideshow ads. You can simply use stock images to make this ad. As slideshows acquire more engagement than images, it is the best Facebook ads option to grow your awareness. Prime goals that you can achieve with Slideshow ads are:

  • Conveying messages to your customers
  • Sharing a Step-By-Step procedure of buyer’s journey
  • Sharing a process with your customers

3: Video Ads

Video ads are yet another popular option that helps to tell your message in a better way. Videos are the new asset of capturing a customer’s audience. It further encourages the audience to take your services. Hence you can make the most out of Facebook ads.

Source: https://cdn.searchenginejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/c5b222fc-f552-409d-a260-4989a18c4e71-760×400.jpeg

Video ads are highly effective in branding your business. Other goals that you can achieve with video ads.

  • Educating your audience about your product, or services
  • Engaging your customer with storytelling
  • Remarketing for the audience who have already used your service

4: Stories Ads

Yes, stories are an essential component of Facebook that was introduced after Whatsapp. With over 500 million FB users, FB Stories provide opportunities that are easy to grab. Simply align your message in a story format and shoot your ad.

You can select FB Stories as placement alongside News Feed and Instagram stories. Currently, FB Stories ads support all ad objectives except Instagram Stories ads.

FACT: In the Ipsos survey, 62% of people said they became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in a story. (Source Facebook)

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/introducing-facebook-stories-ads

You can consider Story Ads on Facebook if your goal is:

  • Building a personal connection with the audience
  • Building trust with genuine content
  • Let people visit your services/website through the Swipe-up feature

5: Messenger Ads

Often you have seen ads visible in your FB messenger. Running messenger ads, you get the opportunity to start conversations with new audiences and serve more than 1.3 billion users across the globe. Messenger placement is available for Messages Campaign objective. With this, you can send sponsored messages to a selective audience.

FACT: 78%of people using smartphones will message every month by the end of 2018. (Source: Facebook)

You should opt for messenger ads if your goal is:

  • Gathering customer preference/objective
  • Communicate with a new audience and build relationships
  • Target specific people with specific information/message
  • Capture user’s attention
  • Retargeting your existing customer

6: Lead Ads

Leads are another great option to collect customer data via Lead Form. With Facebook Lead Ads, you offer a custom form and gather data from potential users. Many businesses consider using Lead Ads to provide valuable assets in exchange for customer’s details. In short, the Lead ads require an exchange concept where you are offering quality information in exchange for their details.

Source:: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads/lead-ads

Lead Ads are highly effective to accomplish goals like:

  • Collecting customer’s information
  • Providing assets and build trust

The lead ads are highly effective for mobile users as the pre-populated forms are easy to submit on small devices.

Moreover, you can integrate the Leads Ads with your CRM to directly gather customer’s information in a single place.

7: Carousel Ads

If you are planning storytelling, slideshow ads aren’t the only option to choose. Facebook provides carousel ads where you can add up to 10 images or videos to engage the viewers. Unlike slideshow ads, carousel ads can have a dedicated CTA button for each creative.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads/carousel-ad-format

If you include catalogs in carousel ads, you can even list their price to boost the sales count. These ads are also effective in personalizing your shopping experience. Carousel ads are effective if you have goals like:

  • Drive revenue by increasing sales & conversions
  • Educating your viewers with diverse information
  • Explaining a journey of how something works
  • Show off multiple products to the customers
  • Highlight multiple features of a single product

8: Collection Ads

As the name defines, collection ads are an excellent option to populate your products on the social platform and showcase them to potential customers. Collection Ads include one master image/video surrounded by a grid of small images, driving conversion and enhancing your social reach.

Collection Ads are effective if your goals are:

  • Offering impressive customer experience
  • Increase conversion

It is also known as the instant storefront, where you can showcase your products to new customers and drive sales.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads/collection-ad-format

9: Instant Experience Ads

What happens when you click on a collection ad? Well, you are automatically switched to an instant experience for the customers. Instant experience can also be added to other campaigns. It fits you if you are expecting:

  • To engage the customer via a user-friendly experience
  • Tell the customer about your brand story
  • Retarget people with certain instant experiences.

Instant Experience Ads were formerly known as Canvas that loads instantly and provide a mobile-optimized design that is engaging and drives viewer’s attention

10: Playable App Ads

Looking for something related to app promotion? Facebook has Playable App Ads that help you provide a few screenshots /videos of your mobile application and start converting the viewers. The prime motive behind Playable ads is getting high app installs.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads/playable-ad-format

It is a great opportunity to showcase your mobile application to a broad audience and increase ints installs. It is effective to include in your Facebook marketing if your goals are:

  • Capture audience attention about your mobile application
  • Provide trail to the customers to use before buying
  • Engage customers & new audience with your mobile app

11: Dynamic Ads

If you have assets but do not know how to start with Facebook Ads, undoubtedly, you should try dynamic ads that do most of the things automatically and boost your sales count with the right buyer’s journey. Using dynamic ads is highly effective in earning a high conversion rate with Facebook ads.

If you have installed Facebook pixel, you can leverage remarketing ads and attempt to boost your sales further. Dynamic ads are effective if your goals are:

  • Remarketing your products to existing customers
  • Display new & relevant products to the customers
  • Automatically find the best ad for the right customer

As a professional social media marketer, you already know that Facebook considers multiple factors to show your ads. Some of the prime factors include:

  • Your bidding strategy
  • Ad quality score
  • Estimated action rates

However, all these factors vary based on your expectations, available resources, and ad optimization. So, based on your goals, facebook ad types vary. No two ad types have the same characteristics and provide a similar buying journey. In short, every ad type has its dedicated purpose, which must be considered to create the right Facebook ad strategy.

If you have an in-house social media marketing team, let them read this article and know about the different ads to elevate their reach and sales. However, if you don’t have any team, hiring a Facebook ads agency to take care of everything is essential. With an offshore social media marketing company, you can rest assured of fruitful results.

So, move ahead and make the right decision.

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