7 Trending Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019

The importance of content for any digital marketing campaign should never be understated. We should also consider that our actions are, in many ways, related to marketing.

We are marketing ourselves when we submit our resumes, go in for our interviews, go out on dates, and socialize with other individuals. Our words and actions in these situations represent our content. Whether we put effort into presenting ourselves or not, we’re already leaving an impression on the people we interact with—whether it be good or bad.

Digital marketing mirrors these everyday scenarios we put ourselves in. However, instead of having to talk or present yourself to people, your content now comes in the form of graphs, images, and typography. So, it seems you’ve been marketing for the better part of your conscious life. Can you now call yourself an expert? The short answer is “no”.

Change can sometimes be scary. Our everyday routines have become so ingrained into our lives that some of us can’t imagine doing these things any other way. Change is necessary. We need to adapt and evolve to the ever-shifting landscape of the world we live in.

To say the digital world shifts as often as the real one is putting it very lightly. In the increasingly dynamic digital world, it’s a perpetual race to outpace your competitors. Who has the latest facilities, technologies, and ways to woo their customers? Who is able to expand and grow their business faster? What trends are capturing the attention of online users?

Speaking of trends, they are disrupting the digital marketing environment more than they ever have before, to the point that something that was effective a few years ago may no longer be relevant today.

Back then, you could post any kind of content related to your business and grow followers by the day. To achieve that now comes at a premium. If you aren’t going above and beyond for your target audiences and creating meaningful interactions with them, you’re letting competitors leave you in the dust.

Your business could be one of two kinds of businesses these days. You could still be catching up to what was hot a couple of years ago or be on the brink of implementing today’s latest marketing trends.

If you think 2018 took you on the most disruptive ride of your life, wait until you experience what 2019 has in store. Make room for new technologies, because digital marketing trends are establishing themselves as one of the industry’s prime game changers.

Here are the 7 trending digital marketing strategies you should definitely watch out for this 2019!

  1. AI

When people mention leading-edge technology, Artificial Intelligence is what usually comes to mind. Many have predicted that some years from now, this will be the standard of digital communication. Contrary to how it is depicted in popular sci-fi films, AI is actually a robot that gathers information through human input or sensors. The data gathered then becomes its fuel to perform tasks or solve problems. In 2019, you’re likely to see Artificial Intelligence implemented in content marketing, advertising, as well as customer service. A good number of people have reservations about implementing AI because it requires human intelligence. Many are also worried that these robots would soon take over their jobs. Well, let me debunk those theories for you right now. These days, AI is used for drumming up data, identifying trends, and researching on competitors. They’re not gunning for your jobs in any way and certainly won’t replace humans.

  1. Chatbots

You’ve probably seen chatbots in most of the modern websites you’ve visited. People on social media, with good reason, can’t seem to stop talking about them either. These advancements have made it easier for users to accomplish simple tasks and find answers to simple questions. Chatbots have become today’s virtual assistants. This year, there is an emergence of new uses for chatbots, including, knowledge-based research, lead qualification, recruiting talent, self-service, shopping assistance, accessibility, and third-party conversational artificial intelligence platforms.

  1. Personalization

If you’re familiar with buyer personas or have experienced creating one, then you’re already aware of personalization. Personalized marketing was a trend that majority of users took a bit of a liking to back in 2017, with only about a handful expressing their disdain for it. Research recently conducted revealed that users are more likely to make a purchase from a company if it gave them a personalized shopping experience. Personalization can afford your company many benefits, including increased revenue, brand consistency, improved customer experiences, consistency of brand, and increased brand loyalty. Consumers love it when their favorite brands hear them out, give them a shout out, or simply care about their experiences. This is a primary feature in today’s marketing trends that old marketing tactics never had. By prioritizing personalization, you are prioritizing your customers, making sure their experience with you is an easy and enjoyable one.

  1. Next-level SEO

Search engine updates are constantly keeping digital marketers on their toes. Google, for instance, now puts more priority to quick-loading websites over the slow-loading ones. If your website loads slowly, then it’s not going to bode well for your web result ranking. It’s important to understand that search engine companies are now more aware of user intent than ever before. They are now making use of algorithms that input the user’s search history, location, and other pertinent information into the search calculation. This is one of the reasons why when you search, “Mexican Restaurants” in Los Angeles, you don’t get the entire list of Mexican restaurants in the country. Moreover, online users have also changed the way they search for information. Most of today’s consumers do their research on their phones and other mobile devices. Plus, you shouldn’t fail to consider both the local and image search as important factors when implementing SEO strategies.

  1. Video marketing

For many years, this has been a staple digital marketing tactic for huge enterprises. But like everything else, video has also gone through some changes over the years. The production aspect of video marketing is usually what many companies have hang-ups on. Businesses want their videos to turn out perfect, like they were produced by Hollywood A-listers. You can harness the power of today’s video technologies to create stunning videos. You don’t necessarily have to go for amazing special effects because that isn’t what most people are looking for. You want to stick to quality video content that entertains, tells a story, and provides useful information. When your video has great production elements and an excellent narrative, people will be drawn to it. It could even be the reason your video goes viral.

  1. Systematic advertising

Managing advertisements can take up a huge chunk of anyone’s time. There’s a multitude of channels to penetrate through these days that even a full-time professional advertising team would have trouble keeping up. For this reason, companies are starting to let artificial intelligence take over this aspect of digital marketing as well. Systematic advertising, more popularly known as programmatic advertising, is basically a process that utilizes AI to purchase and place advertisements based on a focused algorithm. This is a widely known trend that’s expected to gain more ground this year and in the year 2020.

  1. Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is very similar to multichannel marketing in a way that it’s a marketing strategy where you set up multiple marketing points of contact that fortify each other to provide customers a better and smoother buying experience. For instance, social media can be used as a touchpoint to your email or website and a way to nurture your leads. The only difference is that omnichannel marketing allows you to reach beyond what multichannel marketing ever could. There is a universal aspect of this brand of marketing that makes it so much more useful and relevant in today’s ever-shifting commercial landscape. Imagine being able to create marketing touchpoints on every available channel—this is what omnichannel marketing channel can bring your business and your customers.

Getting Ready for Change

Whether you’re lagging behind your competitors or on the cusp of applying the next big digital marketing innovation, always keep this in mind: businesses must keep adapting and evolving in order to achieve and continue their success.

The year 2017 was a year when many companies focused on digital investments that upgraded their software and computer systems. No doubt this makes a difference, but is it able to make enough of a difference to get you ahead? If we were to base the answer on the number of small businesses that put money into software automation in 2017, the answer, simply put, is “no”.

2019 is a completely different ballgame, and competing requires you to acquire the tools that provide a leaner and more efficient marketing engine. Whether you’re looking to tap into Artificial Intelligence or omnichannel marketing, it’s important to focus your attention on the marketing trends that make a difference in your industry.

Take this opportunity to add more marketing innovations to our list. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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